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Just off of I-94 and on the border between St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Midway, like any other state fairgrounds, is alive with a mix of energies and people. Its position as mid-way, as a place of boundary crossing, also reflects our vision for this journal. The work here complicates and questions the boundaries of genre, binary, and aesthetic. It offers surprises and ways of re-seeing, re-thinking, and re-feeling: a veritable banquet of literary fare. Which is why, in each new issue, we are honored to present work by both new and established writers alike.

We are looking to act not only as a bridge between aesthetics (and maybe even coasts) but we are looking to create a sense of place as well. And like any good fair, place is a relative term as the contents and attractions change frequently. So, if you’ve come here seeking the traditional quarterly magazine, well, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Unlike other journals, we will upload a new issue every three months, or four issues annually. Each new publishing year begins in January. Issues run from the fifteenth to the fifteenth and not from the first to the first. The journal will therefore maintain frequent updates, which we feel will best represent the range of voices and styles housed here, inviting readers back to visit with regularly updated texts. Visiting with new works is like people watching, where the energy of the fair is as much about what you can do as who you can see; you can ride the tilt-a-whirl, you can watch someone being the tilt-a-whirl.

Come for the writing. Stay for the experience. Sit down and stay awhile. Link to us—come one come all….Tell your friends. Indulge. Overindulge.

Please enjoy, submit, and tell us what you think.

p.s. Visit us on Facebook. Share your comments and the Midway Journal experience. It’s a place for readers and writers alike to interact. Care to comment about a specific work? Please leave a comment at our Facebook profile page where we hope to foster a public dialogue with everyone who delights and shares in the Midway Journal experience with us.

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