Volume 12, Issue 3


Ghost Net 1, by Resa Blatman
Refugees, by Resa Blatman
Exposed, by Holly Day


Sterling Silver, by Nancy Bourne
Strangers, by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri
If Only the Air, by Ryan Skaryd
Sent Mail, by Thom Whalen


Single at Costco Under Late Capitalism, by D. Gilson
If You’re Going to Rap, Rap about Me, An Interview with Nobody, by Betinna Hansen


I Recently Survived the Unspeakable Horror, by Marilyn Cavicchia
Shot Glass Narrative, by Anthony Ceballos
When the Butterflies Died, by Anthony Ceballos
The Moon Can Be Full or Honey but Never Have Bees, by Nicole Connolly
Homoeomery/Photism/Poetry’s End, by Joseph Harms
Ichor, by Joseph Harms
Illy Before Meir, by Joseph Harms
Self-Portrait as Wildfire, by Nilla Larsen
Born Again, by Jennifer Met