Volume 17, Issue 2


Jean Wolff (a slideshow)

Rachel Coyne (a slidehow)


The Ball, by Diana S. Adams

I’m a Pro, by Kim Chinquee

New Jersey Tea, by Lydia Gwyn

Swell, by Jamie A. Grove

Mixed Genre

Nicolas Hyacinthe’s “Hard Edges & Soft Embraces”

Snapshots of the Haus of Glitter’s Practices, Performance, & Petition 


Doppler Effect, by Jacqueline Doyle 

Anchor, by Susanna Dienes Ferrara 

Convergence, by Ron Theel


My Gender, by Robin Arble

Seaside is the Flipside, by K. Bridger

Eastpoint, by J W Burns

Vanilla, by J W Burns

Self-Portrait in the Church, by Peter Chiu 

wintermelon soup, by Peter Chiu

Fetal Swallows, by Catherine Dolak

The Door is Open. Go., by Catherine Dolak

Warning Bell, by Shannon Hardwick 

He Tells Me That Would Never Happen, by Stephanie Kaylor

a tulip (the only thing), by Nicole Knorr

bus in which I sit, by Tiffany Mi

when the pilot lies, by Sam Moe

A Mother’s Plea, by Lakshmy M. Nair

The Smell of Survival, by Amatan Noor

GOD, by Anne Pedone

Dragon Blood Tears, by Mike Piero

Game Theory, by Mike Piero

Switchful Lives, by Mike Piero

The Trouble with Punctuation, by John Schneider

You Heartfelt Stab of Glee / O!, by Carole Symer

Shards of Air, by Marc Vincenz

Regardless of Disaster, Tara Westmor

fudge covered rape story, Adrien Wright