Volume 13, Issue 4

-1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest

Judged by C. Dale Young


1st Place: The Baby, by Margie Sarsfield

2nd Place: Convertible, by Sarah Neilson

3rd Place: Desert Wash Walking, by Bill Pruitt


Riley Hynes (slideshow), by Riley Hynes

Jean Wolf (slideshow), by Jean Wolf


Older Again, by Genevieve Abravanel

/ when i was 16 i was afraid that i had enlisted in the army and i just couldn’t remember /, by Annie Blake

The Palace of Wings, by Dan. A Cardoza

The Divers at Donner Pool Free Swim, by Patrick Nevins


Coronach, by Lucinda Kempe

Solstice*, by Lucinda Kempe

Fawn, by Lucinda Kempe


from Exquisite Damage: A Midwest Gothic, by Kristy Bowen

Dormido [Asleep], by Joanna B. Johnson

Learning to Sleep the Siesta, by Joanna B. Johnson

The Destroyer Brings in Donuts to the Office to Make Himself Feel Better, by Martin Ott

Robot Ignores Asimov’s Third Law and Runs into Toddler in Mall, by Martin Ott