Volume 17, Issue 1


Steven Ostrowski (A slideshow)


Hilda, by Melissa Benton Barker

Swimming, by Gay Degani

Geode, by Meg Pokrass

Fischich, by Ann Zhang


Captivity, by Kathryn Kysar

Contemplating Distances, by Kelly R. Samuels


Lately, by Fati D. Ashley

Mundane, by Fati D. Ashley

Radish-Radium, by Angie Dribben

the old watchman no longer exists, by Angie Dribben

Hook, by Rebecca Faulkner

Body in Gymnastic Form, by Rachel Hinton

Glasswork, by Paul Ilechko

How to Gameplay Love, by Paul Ilechko

It’s Always Wise to Count the Dying, by Paul Ilechko

Logging, by Joshua Kulseth

Cohabitation, by Amy S. Lerman

The Day Buzz Aldrin Visited, by Amy S. Lerman

Unbeknownst flight cancellations, by Kika Man 文詠玲

Extinction Studies, by Karen McPherson

Without the Tree the Sky Has No Center, by Seth Rosenbloom

Forget-me-Not, Kerry Trautman