Volume 7, Issue 1



Stella, by Perle Besserman
Those Are Edible, by Michael Cooper
Modern Day Symphony, by Robert Vaughan


The Exhibition, by Ty Bannerman
Notes to “The Aquatic Geography of Gender: Semiotics of the Melusine Metaphor”, by C.A. Schaefer and Valerie Wetlaufer


Notes on the Cartography of Frost, by Jessica Axel
Poem, by Jessica Axel
Prayer for the Brother, by Jessica Axel
Preservation, by Jessica Axel
Heisenberg’s Ghost Which Can Be Used As A Table, by Maggie Millner
Lepidoptera, by Maggie Millner
Residuum, Light Waves, Invisible Sun, by Maggie Millner
When I Replace Your Teeth with Pearl Replicas of Famous Warships, by Maggie Millner