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Jhon Sánchez is a Colombian born lawyer and writer. In 2021, New Lit Salon Press will publish his collection Enjoy Pleasurable Death and Other Stories that Will Kill You. He was awarded the Horned Dorset Colony for 2018 and the Byrdcliffe Artist Residence Program for 2019. For updates please visit the Facebook page @WriterJhon. He wants to express his gratitude to Leia Carter, Ana Fridlis, Mariah White, Claire fisher, David Breitkopf, Marcy Hudson, Nancy Roach, Nan Frydland, Braulio Cruz, Samuel Ferri, Anita Lobel, and Ralph Pennel as well as the workshops of Tadzio Koelb, BSFW, and Writing With a Purpose for their editorial comments.. More of Mr. Sanchez's work can be found at Teleport Magazine, Fiction on the Web, Caveat Lector, The Meadow, Newfound, Midway Journal, Pressenza,