Volume 11, Issue 1


Five Paintings, by Susan Solomon (slide show)


Ghosts in the House, by Len Kuntz

What Remains: Part 1 (a novella in 4 parts), by Ron MacLean

Deer Heart, by Amanda Patricia

Low Down, by Darci Schummer

Mixed Genre

American Dream Madman, by Sam Soltwisch

Helping Heart, by Sam Soltwisch

Overpopulated Mind, by Sam Soltwisch

The Imprisoned Child, by Sam Soltwisch

The Inevitable End, by Sam Soltwisch

The Monsters Inside, by Sam Soltwisch


The Abstraction of Women Artists, by Stacey Balkun


Bird Village, by Becca Barniskis

Ice Cream Village, by Becca Barniskis

Dirty Blonde #1, by Kristy Bowen

Dirty Blonde #2, by Kristy Bowen

Inheritance, by Mary Buchinger

The Marriages: the marionette, by Gemma Cooper-Novack

The Marriages: the selkie, by Gemma Cooper-Novack

Near Misses, by Christopher Crew

Swimming Laps in Advent (2016), by Barbara Davis

Eye Contact, by Namkyu Oh