Volume 12, Issue 2


Carlos Franco (slideshow)

Inhale the Vapors, by Carlos Franco

On the Edge, by Carlos Franco

Overgrowth, by Carlos Franco

Trapped in This Cement Husk, by Carlos Franco

Untitled, by Carlos Franco


Three Dreams, by David Drury

The Absence of Shoulders, by Charles Elin

Jodie Never Bothered to Visit Me Again, by Maggie Rehr

Requirement, by Susan Tepper


A Walk in the Woods, by Ashley Aquila


Is this Victory?, by Paula Cisewski

Love & Danger, by Paula Cisewski

We Try On Masks at Dollar General, by James Croal Jackson

Interview with E.J. Koh about “A Lesser Love,” winner of the Pleiades Press Editors Prize for Poetry, by E.J. Koh and Paige Riehl

Say Grace, by Maddie Woda

People say water off a duck’s back, by Carolyn Williams-Noren

Extraction, by Kalil Zender