Volume 13, Issue 1

Volume 13, Issue 1


Teddy and Roberta having difficulty remembering the times they have had, but they believe it was fun. People tell them that they were hysterical. by Scott Lewis

After three seasons on the road, the Enchanted Amusements Traveling Carnival troupe grew irritated with each other. by Scott Lewis

Sasha’s suspicions of Bing-Bong’s intentions were confirmed one evening during a very intense part of the trapeze act he performed with his cousin Vasily. by Scott Lewis


Hunger, by Wynne Hungerford

Ideation, by Jeffery Ryan Long

Nova, by William R. Soldan

That One Time He Wore the Jersey, by Alina Stefanescu


After the Dance, by R. L. Marstellar

Pinball, by R. L. Marstellar

The Sleeper, by Diana Sher


Last Shot, by Daisy Bassen

Invitation to Wildness in the Dead of Night, by Halee Kirkwood

I Write My Son’s Birth, Jennifer Manthey

The Push, by Jennifer Manthey

The Appetite of Snow, by John Minczeski

Performative Joy, by Sagirah Shahid

I Believe, by Travis Truax

I Sat in a Country Club Bar in North Miami Once, by Travis Truax

Tallahassee, by Travis Truax