Volume 14, Issue 4

Volume 14, Issue 4

-1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest

Judged by E.J. Koh


1st Place: Repeat the Enchanting, by Jennifer Lang

2nd Place: Divorce Ranch, by Courtney Harler

3rd Place: What Cars Remain; Abstinence, by Stephanie Niu


Post Card Art, by Mark Danowsky

Post Card Art, by Dawn Loeffler

Post Card Art, by Susan Solomon


6-Word Stories

One-Hand Solitaire, by Gaye Degani

More Will Be Revealed, by Lucinda Kempe

Invasives, by Olivia Loving

Baking a Man, by Meg Pokrass and Amy Parkison


Tuesday, by Despina Bakos

Johor Bahru Old Town, by Pavle Radonic


A Big Easy Sestina, by Jennifer Brown

Larger on the Inside, by Jennifer Brown

Dad always thought I was destined, by James Croal Jackson

Elegy with a Horseshoe Crab, by Douglas S. Jones

Fairview Acres, by Douglas S. Jones

Out of Season, by Douglas S. Jones

Studies in Asunder, by Douglas S. Jones

Costume Change, by Laurinda Lind

mother(land), by Ashmita Malkani

Birdseed, by Dana Robbins

Cielo, Much Later, by Samuel Swauger

The Conditional, by Hallie Cole Wiederholt

Intimacy with Strangers, by Hallie Cole Wiederholt