Volume 15, Issue 4

Volume 15, Issue 4

-1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest

Judged by Tiana Clark


1st Place: Muscle Memory, by Anika Fajardo

2nd Place: Immigrant Story, by Emily Kingery

3rd Place: Other Mothers’ Babies, by Alexandra Blogier

Honorable Mention: Titanic Heart, by Jendi Reiter


John Parot (a slideshow), by John Parot


Travco, by Tim Fitts

S P A C E : A Long Story Short, by Pamela Gay

Dust, by Zac Ginsburg

Out for the Count, by Kate Maxwell


Why Pay Full Price, If You Already Know How it Ends?, by Megan Falley


Falling Apart, by Chinedu Gospel

Monster with a Name, by Amanda Hartzell

Ima on Her Eighty Eighth Birthday, by Ravitte Kentwortz

All Things You Are in the Key of E, by Kathy Z. Price

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, by Kelly R. Samuels

Hanging at Valley View Mall, by Kelly R. Samuels

Signals, Anne Walters