Volume 8, Issue 3


Money Plant, by Susan Richards-Hallstein
Pear Tree, by Susan Richards-Hallstein
Tomato, by Susan Richards-Hallstein
Untitled, by Susan Richards-Hallstein
Untitled, by Susan Richards-Hallstein


Descant, by Emily Brisse
What’s Left Behind is Normal, by Jonathan Crowl
Her Husband’s Eyes, by Vivian Lawry
Pig Dream, by Michael Peck

Mixed Genre

Earthenware Rituals: MLK, by L’Merchie Frazier
Nana’s Reflection on Water, by L’Merchie Frazier
Reclaiming District Six, by L’Merchie Frazier


Vulnerable, by Tyler Lauer
The Cookie Crumbles, by Irene O’Garden
Mile Zero, by Brian Oliu
Go-Go Boots, by Melissa Wiley


Bedroom, by Denise Bergman
Flame Under Water, by Denise Bergman
The Most Terrible Thing, by Anne Champion
The Susan Doll, by Edith Goldenhar
///, by Nicholas Grider
Dream, by Lisa Higgs
Invocation, by Lisa Higgs
Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, by Rachel Richardson
The Animal, by Sandra Kolankiewicz
Corpse Fauna, Frontera, by Octavio Quintanilla
Gift, by Octavio Quintanilla