Volume 9, Issue 3



Free Yourself from that Long, Long Leash, by Howard Sherman

Fuck the Buttons Give Me the Zipper, by Howard Sherman

Grade School Head Shot, by Howard Sherman

Guidelines for an Ah-Hah Moment, by Howard Sherman

Leave the Tranquilizers at Home, by Howard Sherman

Metaphysical Batman, by Howard Sherman

Monkey Girl Collection, by Howard Sherman

Sportsmanship is for Suckers, by Howard Sherman



Renascentia, by Emily Koon

In the Trenches, by Molly Gillcrest

Spines, by Carolyn Oliver

Good Cotton, by Stephen Poleskie



Two Brothers, by Eric Blix

The Unauthorized Life of Rebecca, by Rebecca Cook

The Appendix, by Patrick Crerand

my mother/my body, by Pamela Gay

Hey, Hey, Brick Wall, by Nicole Yurcaba



Once a God Painted His Skin Blue, Like the Sky, to be Invisible Above the Battlefield, by Sue D. Burton

The Woman Who is Sawn in Half, by Sue Burton

Garnets, by Clyde Kessler

How to Better Mourn, Lucian Mattison

General Electric Monitor Top, by John McCarthy

Silence Rising, Dust Rising, by John McCarthy

Picking Apart: A Gastro-noumenal Love Story, by Anna Mirzayan