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Susan Porter is an artist with a distinctive array of creative talents. She has been an actress, musician, drummaker, teacher, writer, and a book artist for many years. Her handmade books and vivid art journals are both personal and universal in demonstrating the myriad ways the arts help us discover our inner selves, share our vision of the world with those around us, and promote positive social change. She is also one of the founders of the Cooperative Artists Institute (CAI) in the early ‘70s, an organization which empowers people through various programs to solve their individual and collective problems by the Arts as a catalyst for personal and institutional changes. Before her work at CAI, she was part of the creative team at the Boston Children’s Museum, which developed the paper-making and book-making boxes for teachers. Many of her journal books were on exhibit at the Hamill Gallery in a show called Bhairava & Coloring Books in the summer of 2013. They will remain as art of an online exhibition at the Gallery website: Please check out her artwork and join her on-going workshops to learn about unique book-making and various art techniques at the website: