Volume 11, Issue 4

-1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest

Judged by Michael Martone


1st Place: Zig Zag, by Jacqueline Doyle

2nd Place: Broken Roads, by Parul Kapur Hinzen

3rd Place: Alpha, by Francine Witte


What Remains: Part 4 (a novella in 4 parts), by Ron MacLean

The Lock of Dandelion, by Jhon Sanchez

Departures, by Sarah Eleanor Linda Minnie Scarr

Shokunin, by Ian Randall Wilson


Route B, by Jennifer Anderson

Against the Wall: A Slice-of-Life Report in Five Memory Slides, by Pamela Gay

Home-made, by Frank C Modica


Thumb, by James D. Autio

Memorial Site, by D. Dina Friedman

My Son Eats A Salad (Orlando, June 12, 2016), by D. Dina Friedman

In a Dream, by Lukas Ray Hall

July, by Kate Lucas

Vespers, by Kate Lucas