Volume 12, Issue 1


The Gold Circumference, by Laurel Benjamin

On High, by Dick Bentley

When You Figure It Out, Call Back, by C. W. Bigelow

The Gravesite, by Rahel Saadya

Mixed Genre

CamaraLantana, by Sika Foyer

Bargaining Power, by Sika Foyer

LightShade, by Sika Foyer

Lady with Shoe Fetish, by Sika Foyer

Shadows, by Sika Foyer

Seed, by Sika Foyer

Becoming, by Sika Foyer


Sticker Book, by Jennifer Fliss

A Picture Can Punch A Thousand Holes, by Jennifer Fliss


The Sleepwalker, by Jenny McDougal

Two Sketches of My Son, by Jenny McDougal

I watch too much tv and can’t quit smoking, by Jordan Ranft

Stop Calling Your Addiction A Disease, by Jordan Ranft

The Fat English Major Starts Working Out, by Jordan Ranft

Domestic Pantoum, by Sara Moore Wagner

Keep Silent and Let Me Speak, by Sara Moore Wagner

Grandfather’s Clocks, by Maddie Woda

The Dream About the Witch, by James K. Zimmerman