Volume 15, Issue 1

Volume 15, Issue 1


Visual Poems, by Octavio Quintanilla (a slideshow)


6-Word Stories

How to Return a Phone Call, by Darcy Casey

Cafe Metropole, by Sandra Florence

The Importance of Intersections, by Geoffrey Miller

Wake, by Steven Ostrowski

United Tombs of America, by Jhon Sanchez


State of Something Something, by Grace Campbell


Intersections, by Eberechukwu Peace Akadinma

Social Identity Theory, by Durell Carter

For Shit, by Emily Light

Once I chewed my lips, by Emily Light

Eight Lines, by Steve Mueske

Anxiety, by Anne Owen Shea

Break, by Anne Owen Shea

The Doll House, by Anne Owen Shea

Kenosis in the Dermatologist’s Office, by Robert Tremmel

Everything a Kind of Island, by Katie Tunning

In My Defense, by Katie Tunning

Parallax, by John Sibley Williams

Youthful Offender, by John Sibley Williams