Volume 16, Issue 1

Volume 16, Issue 1


Mark Bolsover (a slideshow)


—the work of existing. …

are not we all? …


A Child’s Birth as a Seismic Shift in the Universe, by Nikoletta Gjoni

Resurrection, by Rich Ives

The Promise of Cicadas, by Kip Knott

The Canada Wife, by Ciara Mandulee Mendis


Back of a Snake’s Head, by Jeanne Blum Lesinski

Losing Our Nests, by Anne Mallen


My Alma Mater Emails A Coupon for Will Writing Services in the Middle of a Pandemic, by Erica Abbott

The Blue Carpet, by Erica Abbott

[From black branches overripe persimmons], by Michelle Acker

On Swallows, by Allison A. deFreese

snowed like this on fulton street, by tova g.

Footfalls, by Ben Groner III

Brushsmith by Nadine Klassen

Poem with Lines from My Grandmother’s Phone Call / Ekphrastic Poem after a Fantasy of a Man Dancing on Water by Nadine Klassen

Song for George by Nadine Klassen