Volume 7, Issue 2



Bound as One, by Roberta Gray

The Greatest, by Grace Hertenstein

The Muse of Paranoia, by Pedro Ponce

Division Street, by Gretchen Schrafft


Light Switch, by Jordan Antonucci

March 14, 1945: Injury, by Michele Battiste

Brief Affair that Ends With An Image from Frida Kahlo, by Kara Candito

Against Spectatorship, by Kara Candito

Sometimes You Know Before You Know, by Danielle Jones-Pruett

The First Time She Felt Her Body Move, by Danielle Jones-Pruett

North Adams, by Leah Kaminski

Chimera, by Leah Kaminski

Cephalopods, by Leah Kaminski

Postpartum, by Lani Scozzari


In Security, by Kathryn Wilder


 Resupply, by Jarret Davis

Forward Post, by Jarrett Davis

After the Barrage, by Jarrett Davis

In the Trench, by Jarrett Davis

At the Front, by Jarrett Davis


 As I Dug in the Dirt, by Jennifer Matthews

 Colors of Change in Sculpted Pages, by Susan Porter