Volume 8, Issue 4


Encompass, by Courtney Jordan

Fracture, by Courtney Jordan

Praxis 1, by Courtney Jordan

Praxis 2, by Courtney Jordan

Tertiary Event, by Courtney Jordan


Episode, by Tara Deal

Final Arrangements, by Mary Slechta

Two Separate Planets, by Meg Tuite

Pupa, by Matt Vasiliauskas


Lewes, Delaware, by Matthew Hummer

On Toilets, by Allie Mariano


Hideaway, by Anne Barngrover

The Waiting Girl Feels a Pulsing Where There is No Child, by Anne Barngrover

Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, by Nickole Brown

Crisco, by Nickole Brown

Revision, by Lucia Cherciu

Emily as Sometimes This Comes Close to an Attempt at Alchemy, by Darren C. Demaree

St. Gemini Addresses La Marasa, with Particular Attention to Her Half, and Seals It to Parchment for Her Estranged, Her Worker of Metals, St. Maker, by Fox Frazier-Foley

The Last Absinthe Drinker: A Tragedy in Vignettes, by Melissa Holm

Twin Cell, by Ashley Roach-Freiman

What is Robinson, and Why, by Mark Svenvold

Platform, by Parker Tettleton

Tonight Isn’t The Last One, by Parker Tettleton

The Fields around Our Apartment, by Valerie Wetlaufer

Personality Programmed, by Changming Yuan