Volume 9, Issue 2


Defender Lover, by Shelly Mosman

Galora, by Shelly Mosman

Hiding Experiment, by Shelly Mosman

Jasper, by Shelly Mosman

Mother and Child, by Shelly Mosman

Young Danish Man, by Shelly Mosman

Draft Horse#1, by Guinotte Wise

Rocking Horse, by Guinotte Wise

Raven as Weapons Inspector, by Guinotte Wise

 The Number of Our Days, by Guinotte Wise

The Sell, by Guinotte Wise

Word Shooter, by Guinotte Wise


New Town, by Richard Holinger

Neighbors, by John E. Keats

Apartments in Hawaii, by Kevin Rabas

Mixed Genre

5 Ways to Un-Wake Wholesomeness, by Ana Prundaru

La Serena, by Stephanie Mahan Stigliano

Moroccan Tea, by Stephanie Mahan Stigliano


Episodes, by Tim Hillegonds

We Sing of Wheels and Corpses or A Conversation Without Galway Kinnell, by Brandon Davis Jennings

New York Knicks, by Brian Oliu

The Age of Electricity, by Nicole Oquendo


Chicago Revisited, by Derek Graf

Were I Castor the poem I’d write Pollux, by Derek Graf

How to Create a Whole Human, by Rebekah Hewitt

Assuage / A Menagerie, by Kevin McLellen

In Defense of Small Towns, by Stephanie Schultz

Shannan Gilbert I, by Monica Wendel