Volume 17, Issue 4

Volume 17, Issue 4

-1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest

Judged by Jennifer Tseng


1st place: A Story You Know, by Allison Field Bell

2nd place: The Most Historic State, by Alex Brostoff

3rd place: Of Feast and Family and Famine or Eulogy for my Grandfather, Redacted, by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

Honorable Mention: Denial Dances on a Moonless Street in the Arms of Blame, by Karan Kapoor


The Wedding Photo, by Megan Cantana

The Broken Clock, by Claire Polders and Lynn Mundell

A Dog Story Doggedly Told, by Philip Raisor

When Cicadas Stop Chirping, by Huina Zheng


Body Count, by Michael Rogner

morphemic segment as synovial joint, by Liam Strong

An Unnecessary Woman, by Suzanne Verrall


Leisure Time, by Charles Byrne

From Ashes, by Carolina Cabada

Bachelard and the Artist Interrupt Each Other, by Charlotte Friedman

Talking Soutine, by Charlotte Friedman

I sift crumbs in sheets, by Robyn Groth


Power Lines, by Tresha Faye Haefner

Back in Iowa, Looking Out the Window at Rebekah’s Parents’ House, by John Hansen

Creek Hiking, by Andrew Hanson

Riddle, by Andrew Hanson

This poem is a door, by Peter Grandbois

Coal mining as loss-chasing, by Trevor Moffa

Coin Shortage, by Trevor Moffa

Pageant of Glass, by Peter O’Donovan

full landscape with no exit, by Stella Vinitchi Radulescu

The Story That Needs You, by Ivy Raff

My mother spins the compost, by Esther Sadoff

Retirement Plans, by Noel Sloboda

Lily, by Matthew Isaac Sobin

The Girl Who Felt Colors, by Skaidrite Stelzer

Externality, by James T. Stemmle

Holy Matrimony, by Nam Hoang Tran

The Heroine in Bronze, by Nam Hoang Tran

24, by Molly Walsh

aubade, by Lillo Way